History of Shola / Pith

History of Shola / Pith

Late Sir. Asutosh Malakar.

It was Late Sir. Asutosh Malakar started this unique work in early 70s. He is my father by relation. He had an excetional knowledge of this products. He shown the world without machine exceptional work can be done.We don't use any machine in our products. Shola /Pith means a very soft material which grows only in certain areas around the world. It grows only in marshy water areas of West Bengal & Bangladesh. It requires huge amount of patience. My father some memorable things for his work. His work is appreciated through out the world. he got recognition fron various eminent personalities.

Sri. Aruna Purohit (Guru) Mammi jee

Sri. Aruna Purohit (Guru) Mammi jee had an influential effect in our success . She helped us in various ways. Without her support we would not be able to do.

Mr. S. N. Malakar

Mr. S. N. Malakar. is also a pioneer man in lifting this unique work.After facing so many problems he got some success in his life. He also got recognition from some eminent personalities.



All are handicraft Items
Stage Special Marriage
Special Marriage Hat Motor Car
Environmental Friendly Products
No machine is used
Stage Special Marriage
Marriage Mandap


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